Srh Moving Walkway

Sicher CZPT, Only for Protected Reach!

With incorporation of the properly-developed escalator and relocating wander engineering, advanced micro-personal computer management technique, large strength truss construction, classical driving program, and accomplished safety products, GRE collection of escalators and shifting walks totally ensure our merchandise protected, dependable, endurable and bring steady and cozy driving. Refine craftwork, fluent lines and sophisticated type type the blend of practical using function and visible satisfaction. Frequency conversion technology chosen makes products much more vitality-conserving.

Apart from, outdoor escalator and shifting walks can be fit for different varieties of atmosphere and weather problem. Complying with national common GB16899 and CZPTpean normal EN115, the escalator and shifting wander are applicable for heavy-passenger-movement place this kind of as industry, supermarket, hotel, subway, airport, teach station, crossroad and general public structures.
Advanced engineering

Tremendous-consciousness aesthetic design meets the traits of human physiology.
Streamlined handrail system in stainless steel demonstrates noble design of western CZPTpe with its 180 degrees arc end and black inlet.

Innovative management method and driving gadget, outstanding driving chain, outstanding workmanship assures the comfortable procedure.

The security safety functions as many as 21 items entirely comply with national and CZPTpean common.

Light-weight and higher-strength truss composition assures the gear of completer rigidity.
Automated lubrication program lubricates all types of driving components, which prolongs products' operation existence drastically.

The software of VVVF travel(optional) makes escalator (relocating walk)be a illustration energy preserving item. By checking the targeted traffic stream timely by implies of photo electrical sensor situated at the entrance of escalator, reaching car relocating with excellent strength saved.
Micro-pc controlled method performs with speedy calculation pace, large reliable transferring, and also with failure code set, easy to be managed.

Travel system organized vertically assures adequate place and comfort for routine maintenance.

About Sicher CZPT Co., Ltd.
Sicher CZPT Co., Ltd. Addresses an location of 147, 600 square meters, with overall floorage about a hundred and seventy, 000 square meters, owns item producing center, R&D centre, customer service center, along with elevator testing tower about 108 meters peak, eight.0m/s running pace. It also has released creation facilities and inspecting equipments with innovative planet ranges from Germany, Italy and other nations around the world, so that retains a production capability about forty, 000 sets as once-a-year output, which is a huge-scale and contemporary production business, experiencing the worldwide industry from elevators, escalators and parking technique equipments.

GRM twenty  
CZPT configuration  
Application Indoor. sixteen-hr operation daily
Horizontal span ≤50
Inclination (°) ten/11/twelve
Phase width (mm) 800/one thousand
Upper landing horizontal length 400
Speed(m/s)  .5
Main electrical power 380V/50Hz/3P
Balustrade Tempered glass(10mm)
Handrail bracket Stainless metal
Handrail Black
Balustrade peak (mm)  900
Interior & outer decking Hairline St.St.
Skirting Wear resistant coating metal sheet
Phase Stainless steel
Landing plate Stainless metal (anti-sliding)
illumination lighting below higher & reduced landing methods
Indicator Failure code indicator on manage cabinet
Procedure Unexpected emergency quit button/ Key change/ Inspection procedure

Srh Moving Walkway