Single Cage 2t 2000kg Construction Lift Manufacturer

CZPT hoist (construction elevator) is mostly composed of foundation, enclosure, mast, tie in, cage, push mechanism, electrical control technique,cable,cable information unit, and auxiliary mechanism this sort of as lifting gadget, landing doorway, layer calling program, and many others.

We manufacture adhering to sorts:
*CZPT hoist (inverter or PLC )
*Frequency convertible hoist
*Content hoist
*Twin mast hoist 
*Curve hoist
*Lean hoist
*CZPT platform 
*Transportation platform


Solution Kind Design Lifting Pace(m/min) Max Height(m) Generate Device Basic safety Unit Electronic Handle Systerm
Immediate driving PLC SC100/100 33 m/min 150m two*11KW SAJ30-1.2 PLC
SC150/150 33 m/min 150m 2*15KW SAJ40-1.two PLC
SC200/200 33 m/min 150m 3*11KW SAJ40-one.2 PLC
Lower Speed VFD SC100/100L -40 m/min 250m 2*11KW SAJ40-1.two 30KW VFD
SC150/150L -40 m/min 250m 2*13KW SAJ40-one.2 30KW VFD
SC200/200LA -33 m/min 250m 2*13KW SAJ40-one.2 30KW VFD
SC200/200LB -40 m/min 250m two*15KW SAJ40-1.2 37KW VFD
SC200/200LC -forty six m/min 250m 3*11KW SAJ40-one.2 37KW VFD
Mid Pace VFD SC200/200MA -fifty five m/min 350m 2*19KW SAJ40-1.4 45KW VFD
SC200/200MB -60 m/min 350m two*23KW SAJ40-1.4 55KW VFD
SC200/200MC -63 m/min 350m 3*15KW SAJ50-one.4 55KW VFD
SC200/200MD -72 m/min 350m 3*19KW SAJ50-1.six 75KW VFD
Large Speed VFD SC200/200HA -80 m/min 450m 3*23KW SAJ50-1.six 75KW VFD
SC200/200HB -90 m/min 450m three*26KW SAJ50-2. 90KW VFD
SC200/200HC -100 m/min 450m three*32KW SAJ50-2. 110KW VFD
SC200/200HD -one hundred twenty m/min 550m three*19KW SAJ50-two.4 75KW VFD

About us:

Services brand connotation. consumer very first, swift remedy
* 24-hrs on the internet service
* inquiry and consulting
* customise the solution 
* engineers are CZPT to service machinery oversea
* view manufacturing facility
* tests vedio offered before shipping and delivery

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Single Cage 2t 2000kg Construction Lift Manufacturer