Powder Conveyor Pneumatic Powder Conveyor

                                                                                     powder conveyor
1&periodPneumatic conveyor instrouction&colon
Pneumatic conveyor is a type of advanced powder&comma granular&commagrain and small items of material conveying machinery&periodIt is broadly utilized in chemical industry&comma creating resources&comma metallurgy&comma grain and other departments&periodTransporting viscosity is not massive&comma not easy metamorphism of the powder&comma granular and small objects this sort of as fly ash&comma cement&comma grain&comma and many others&interval&comma the content temperature is much less than 200 ºC&periodAfter simple mix can be utilised to different delivery&comma different to send&comma or give mixing pumping and strain&periodHorizontal&comma inclined and vertical conveying according to the specific terrain pipelines&comma comprehend the centralized&comma decentralized&comma large top&comma extended length transportation&comma transportation approach does not endure indignities hou conditions&comma to guarantee that the materials is not be influenced with damp be influenced with damp&comma conducive to the generation and environmental security

Ideal for grain depot&comma farm&comma station&comma wharf&comma grain and oil processing and brewing sector&comma agriculture&comma forestry and fishing metallurgical mineral medication and well being treatment&comma petrochemical market&comma h2o conservancy and hydropower light-weight industrial items in storage or in the procedure of generation of bulk&comma bulk transportation&comma discharge&comma turn over the storehouse&comma pour pile&comma the modernization of warehouse&comma warehouse etc&interval

Characteristics of basic structure&comma mild weight&comma modest quantity&comma robust sealing&comma handy set up and servicing&periodIt can not only horizontal conveying&comma can also be tilted or vertical transmission&semiCan multipoint feeding&comma can also be a multipoint discharge&comma conveyor approach arrangement is a lot more adaptable&periodBecause the shell is closed&comma it in conveying to float in the sky of&comma poisonous&comma explosive materials&comma higher temperature&comma to increase the working problems of staff and avoid environmental air pollution and so on has the fantastic rewards

Design SR-five SR-10 SR-fifteen SR-20 SR-25 SR-30 SR-50
Fan power
7&period5 11 fifteen 22 twenty five 37 fifty five
Air-lock valve
&period75 &period75 1&period1 one&period1 one&period5 1&period5 one&period5
eight&period25 eleven&period75 sixteen&period1 23&period1 26&period5 38&period5 fifty six&period5
Air flow
800 a thousand 1600 1800 1800 1800 2100
Fan pressure
1500 1500 1600 2200 2400 3300 4400
Max horizontal distance
30 50 70 100 a hundred 140 two hundred
 Conveying distance
3 10 fifteen 20 20 thirty 80
Lift head
five 12 eighteen 20 twenty thirty 42
5 ten twenty 30 23 50 seventy eight
Feeding dia
124 a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty a hundred and sixty 160 a hundred and sixty two hundred
Discharging dia
one hundred 124 one hundred fifty 160 one hundred sixty a hundred and sixty 200
178x100x150 178x106x155 208x122x180 208x160x180 228x131x275 240x160x275 280x210x330
four hundred 465 530 620 795 920 1420

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Powder Conveyor Pneumatic Powder Conveyor