Mining Use Screw Conveyor for Powder Screw Conveying

Screw conveyor for powder, powder screw conveying

one. Ideal for conveying powder, granular, and block components (temperature <200° C)
two. Amount and incline transportation, dependable, tough, adaptable
three. Not only utilised for the concrete batching plant, bituminous concrete batching, but also for the chemical, developing, meals, metallurgy and so on.
Introduction of screw conveyor for powder, powder screw conveying

LS screw conveyor is the up-to-date design of the GX kind screw conveyor. The entire conveyor is dependable, resilient, adaptable, easy to put in. It is suitable for conveying the powder, granular, and block supplies (temperature <200º C), such as coal powder, coal ash, argil, sand, cement, carbamide etc. The screw conveyor is not only used for the concrete batching plant, bituminous concrete batching, but also for the chemical, building, food, metallurgy and so on.

Working principle of screw conveyor for powder, powder screw conveying

Screw conveyor is composed of a shaft with a spiral blade and chute. The Shaft is installed at both ends of chute bearing foundation via bearing. The shaft head on 1 aspect of shaft related with driving gadget. There are feeding inlet and discharging outlet on the best and bottom of chute.

Materials get into conveyor via feeding inlet. Matter to the reverse thrust of screw blade, the supplies can rotate with shaft as for radial drive of thrust and friction among blade and content. As a outcome of material alone gravity and friction between chute and components, the materials do not rotate with spiral blade but go together the chute on the result of axial thrust of blade radial thrust pressure. Resources go CZPT in spiral form, that is relocating CZPT accompanied with tumbling movement in circumferential route.

Functions of screw conveyor for powder, powder screw conveying

1. In contrast with GX type screw conveyor, Cement/Concrete Screw CZPT eradicates the chance of reducing bearing daily life due to the fact of untight seal and substance leakage, as heading and rear bearings are removed outdoors the body.
2. Simple construction, tiny ground room, low noise, very good sealing, easy operation and routine maintenance.
three. Higher applicability, handy feeding inlet and discharging outlet, easy for multi-level feeding and discharge components.

Organization Brief Introduction

ZheJiang CLIRIK CZPT CO., LTD located in PUXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. New district of ZheJiang china, as a pioneer enterprise, which is specializing in study, manufacture and product sales of all sorts of grinding mill, all sorts of crushers from coarse grinding mill, fantastic grinding mill and ultra wonderful grinding mill, grinding mill connected gear, this sort of as powder modifying device, powder packing device. Powder conveying method, and so forth. We have devoted into grinding field for much more than thirty several years, we belive only target can be skilled.

Our firm has already shaped a total set of modern day creation line, outfitted with intelligent, standardized tests and managing laboratories, owned a professional crew for R&D, production, product sales and service.

Inquiry Support of screw conveyor for powder, powder screw conveying

Make sure you fill in your want merchandise and your message and make sure you do not fail to remember mail and/or mobile phone if you like to be contacted. We are the expert device producer in China with 30 several years experience. Pls kindly verify the pursuing, in buy to select a appropriate equipment, ship you specific techinical info, quotation and the resolution drawing for you.

one. What is the uncooked substance do you want to convey?
2. What is the potential for each hour do you want?
three. What is the uncooked substance input measurement?
4. What is the conveying duration you need to have?

We hope you can inform us these particulars, we will give you the best quotation, technical information and resolution drawing ASAP, thanks. Your pleasure is our finest pursuit, we would like to sincerely for your service! We look CZPT to your inquiry!

Product LS159 LS219 LS250
Diameter(mm) 159 219 250
Screw pitch (mm) 159 219 250
Rotate velocity (r/min) eighty three eighty three ninety seventy one
Conveying Capacity (m³ /h) two-6 five-12 22 18

Mining Use Screw Conveyor for Powder Screw Conveying