Hydrophilic Block Silicone Softener Rg-Fgp 75

Hydrophilic silicone oil for cotton FGP-seventy five

Solution description:      
This item is a distinct hydrophilic group modified silicone polymer. It has the attributes of higher bonding power, comfortable molecular chain and reduced surface area rigidity of organic and natural silicon polymer compounds. It also has chemical activity introduced by specific groups. 

Actual physical and chemical indicators:
Look: light yellow transparent viscous liquid
Reliable articles: 75 ± one%
Ionic: non-ionic

Functionality attributes:
1. No emulsification, dilute with h2o immediately
2. Attain instant water absorption and an superb truly feel
3. No oil drift, no silicon places, no sticky roller
4. Following soft ending, it can be counterstained straight, which is specially risk-free.
5. Non-yellowing, fluffy, comfortable, sleek, plump, all-natural

Scope of application:
It can be used for finishing of numerous fibers, specifically when employed for finishing of cotton fabric towels, property textiles, and many others., with very good hydrophilicity, softness, and smoothness.

This merchandise can be utilized in padding or dipping method.
Emulsification method: directly add h2o to dilute to the needed focus.
Padding approach: twenty-40g / l FGP-75 (20% content answer)
Temperature Drying 100-a hundred thirty ºC
Impregnation procedure: 2-4% (o.w.f) FGP-seventy five (twenty% answer)
Temperature 45-fifty five ºC
Time twenty-30min
Dehydration and drying below typical conditions

Packaging, storage, and transportation:
160kg plastic barrels, secured from exposure and freezing, stored in a great and dry spot, sealed and saved the shelf life is 6 months at space temperature.

Hydrophilic Block Silicone Softener Rg-Fgp 75