Gyk-A1270X2800 High-Speed Four-Color Printing Slotted Round Die-Cutting Machine


High-pace four-shade printing slotted round die-slicing machine
Solution configuration

Machine performance
The entire equipment adopts manufacturer electrical appliances.
The machine transmission equipment 40Gr by quenching, shaving treatment.
All shafts are chrome-plated to boost the area hardness.
Equipment adopts circulating spray lubrication transmission.
The host adopts frequency conversion manage.
module style, multicolor printing device any blend.

one. Paper feed unit making use of the top edge of the paper feeding method. (Optional mild pressure, or strain-cost-free front feed mechanism)
one.1.1 3-axis top edge feed, increase the enthusiast circulation, to preserve higher-velocity, reduced-pace feeding accurate, minimum feed width 350mm. Divide into 4 sections to modify airflow and force to match the cardboard measurement.
1.1.three Positioning by the front bezel to decrease the paper feed error, improve paper feeding, printing and die reducing accuracy. close to the baffle electrical manage. rear tray cardboard electric manage.
one.1.6 front paperboard gap manual adjustment. with a continuous and divided sheet feeding perform. (According to the need to have to decide on constant or separated sheets of paper).
1.two feed on the next roll on the roll outer diameter of 155mm steel pipe area put on rubber, balanced correction
1.two.2 below the roll: diameter 155mm paper roll floor embossed plated challenging.
1.2.three feed strain roller adjustment gap manually modify the adjustment assortment -12mm.
one.two.four Stress roller power transmission Rolling cross-coupling travel to decrease dress in make the transmission more balanced.
one.3 equipment clutch, with siren, constant bell warning when touring, to make sure the safety of the operator.
one.3.1 walking axle with friction clutch, to avoid misuse and damage to the equipment.
one.three.two The host motor is outfitted with a protective device (the machine is not locked, the host can not be commenced).
one.three.three feed unit electric powered automated zero.
1.three.4 Common carton employing automated zero device, try printing 1 to 2 cardboard can be altered to the correct location, decrease cardboard waste.

2. Printing unit printing roller
two.1.1 The outer diameter of 395.6mm (like the plate diameter of 410mm).
2.1.two for substantial-good quality metal, floor grinding, tough chrome plating. reel hanging version, employing locking products on each sides so that the joined version of the much more precise. total model of the connected edition of the ditch, for 9mm joined model of the write-up. loading and unloading printing plate, foot switch electric powered manage constructive and negative.
two.two printing force roller
two.two.1 The outer diameter is 155mm
2.two.2 metal surface area grinding, hard chrome plated.
two.two.3 pressure roller gap manually adjust the adjustment variety -12mm.
two.3 Metal Anilox Roller (according to buyer desire CZPT mesh amount) (high and 250 mesh optional ceramic anilox roller)
two.3.1 The outer diameter is 215mm.
2.three.2 steel area using superior chrome plating procedure, challenging, easy dress in-resistant.
two.three.3 shops the same ink evenly.
two.3.four to increase the plate and rubber roller lifestyle.
two.three.five Anilox gap manually alter the adjustment selection -12mm.
two.four uniform ink roller, wrapped wear-resistant rubber, roller parabolic higher in get to compensate the pressure deformation, improve ink transfer result. Rubber for the NBR rubber, Shore hardness of 60 degrees or more, the Mexican influence of a special polished pass ink. Cots in the host downtime motor motor driven, stop non-cease ink instantly even ink. The outer diameter is 205mm.
2.four.2 rubber roller hole manually alter the adjustment range -12mm.
two.5 period adjustment system planetary equipment construction.
2.5.two Printing period Using computer and electric powered electronic manage 360 levels adjustment (operation, stop can be modified.)
2.five.3 The horizontal stage of the printing roller is manually altered, the adjustment assortment is ± 5mm.
two.five.4 The printing roller adopts the electric powered adjusting phase, zeroing and altering the printing plate rapidly, altering the printing plate with substantial accuracy.
2.six Feed roller feed roller, the outer diameter of 86mm, higher-good quality challenging chrome plated with 4 guidebook rollers diameter of 125mm.
two.six.two Feeding roller, outer diameter of 155mm, paper manual chrome tough chrome.
two.6.3 guide roller hole manually modify the adjustment selection -12mm,
2.7 Ink circulation framework
two.7.1 pneumatic diaphragm pump, ink stability, easy operation and routine maintenance.
2.7.2 ink filter, filter impurities.
two.eight printing roller correcting unit
2.8.1 pneumatic brake system, when the device to alter the phase separation or cleaning, the brake mechanism to limit the gear rotation, maintaining the authentic gear position set point.
two.8.2 Stress roller power transmission Rolling cross-coupling travel to reduce use make the transmission more steady.

3. Slotted portion
three.1 on the shaft diameter φ156mm, underneath the shaft diameter φ156mm, polished challenging chrome plated surface, harmony correction, secure operation.
three.2 strain roller hole manually change the dial exhibit adjustment information.
3.3 Slotted knife width 7mm. Alloy steel content.
three.4 Grooving knife gap Worm equipment box adjustment, dial show, adjustment range -ten mm.
three.five slotted phase adjustment making use of planetary equipment framework.
3.6 slotted stage stage controller with electronic 360-diploma adjustment (procedure, end can be modified). handbook synchronization adjustment box high.
3.8 force line up and down roller diameter φ110 mm, the use of substantial-quality thick-walled seamless metal tubes, tough chrome plated surface and laptop balancing correction. Strain roller diameter ф176.

4 spherical strain die slicing
four.1 pad roller diameter φ388.9mm. rubber roller for the substantial-high quality steel, the surface grinding, hard chrome plating. pad thickness 8mm, width 250mm. pad roller and die roller gap adjustment utilizing manual adjustment, adjustment assortment -16mm. pad roller automated payment framework, automatic manage roller pad velocity. pad roller trim flat composition, hold the pad roll development. pad roller 1: 900 device crankshaft rotation for 30mm swimming horizontal composition.
4.two knife mildew roll φ360mm.
4.two.1 knife mould roller for high-good quality metal, the floor grinding, challenging chrome plating.
four.2.two dynamic stability correction, boost operational security.
4.two.three knife mold set screw hole spacing, horizontal 100mm, radial 12 similarly divided, screw gap M10.
four.2.four Relevant crimp peak 22.60mm.
four.2.5 Wood template thickness 13mm, blade top 25.4mm.
4.two.six knife mould roller horizontal adjustment by hand, alter the assortment of ± 10mm
four.3 die-cutting period adjustment mechanism planetary equipment framework. die-slicing phase using pc and electric powered electronic manage 360 levels adjustment (running, cease can be altered).
four.4 Manually modify the force roller gap, modify the range of 1-12mm, using the cross slide entire body, adjust the gear to make certain the appropriate condition of engagement eternally.
four.five at the stop of the cutter plate with excellent global brand electrical power pads.

5. The main complex parameters
Model: 1270x2800
Greatest mechanical velocity: a hundred and twenty sheets / minute
Optimum paper size: 1200mmx2600mm
Bare minimum feeding dimensions: 400mmx600mm
Separated sheet measurement: 1600mmx2600mm
The largest printing spot: 1150mmx2400mm
Wall thickness: 50mm
Feeding precision: ± 1.0mm
From the initial printing to the last established of printing overprint precision: ± 1mm
Die-reducing accuracy: ± 1mm
Principal motor energy: 15KW
Generation electricity: 26KW
Total electricity: 33KW
Supply recent: 200A
six. Description of the principal components of origin
Identify of origin, brand name
1, bearing cash Chao Wanxiang, HangCZPT
2, AC contactor, thermal relay Chint
3, cost-free crucial ring sunshine
four, pneumatic 1-way diaphragm pump Yangtze River
five, inverter standard knowledge
6, pneumatic solenoid valve Zhengtai
seven, pneumatic cylinder CHINT
8 , metal roller HangCZPT Junfeng
9 , printing rubber roller ZheJiang HangCZPT
ten, tool imports
eleven, superb plastic super resistance, Le Di card

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Gyk-A1270X2800 High-Speed Four-Color Printing Slotted Round Die-Cutting Machine