Garden Door Chain Keyless Lock

Yard CZPT Chain Keyless Lock

Multiple functions:
Five ranges of management: CZPT management, building control, flooring manage, area control and room management
Password manage: Program password and working password with each other to guarantee safety
Cipher coding to key card: Each and every card has a various code that cannot be copied

Area handle: Playing cards of distinct kinds and levels can open up distinct locks in various areas
Timing management: Working clock is established inside locks to handle the effective time restrict of card keys
File record: All issued card keys have information like each opening (also mechanical crucial opening)
Loss reporting: Open up operate can be canceled when the card is missed
Robust compatibility and expansiveness:

Simple specialized useful index:
Electricity supply: 6V DC, use of four parts of no. five or no. seven AA batteries with deficiency of voltage indications
Static electrical power supply: <1uA
Dynamic electrical power provide: About 200mA
Lifespan of battery: For permitted door open moments and it typically can exceed 20, 000
CZPTrd within the lock: 512lines for common sort
Environment requirement:
Working temperatures: -20° To 70° C
Humidity: ninety eight% greatest

 Basic specialized practical index:  As adhere to:
 Power source:  6V DC, use of four parts of no. five or no. 7 AA batteries with absence of voltage indications
 Static power provide:  <1uA
 Working temperatures:  -20° To 70° C

Garden Door Chain Keyless Lock