Factory Plastic Vertical Ribbon Mixer for Sale

Manufacturing unit CZPT Vertical Ribbon Mixer for Sale

The PerMix PVR collection Tapered Ribbon Blender has a equivalent look with the well-liked Ribbon Blender, but stands vertically. It is an efficient and adaptable mixing machine for batch mixing of totally free-flowing powders...The PerMix PVR collection Tapered Ribbon Blender is in a position to give ideal result for mixing due to the modern design of an outer spiral sort mixing aspect with an inner reverse direction screw, rotating collectively into a conical condition trough permitting a perfect discharge of the blended substance.

HOW IT Operates:
The development of PerMix PVR collection Tapered Ribbon Blender is very compact: It is composed of a cone vessel with the drive unit on the best and discharge valve at the bottom, and a tapered ribbon mounted on the central shaft. In the cone vessel, there is a central tapered ribbon with extremely modest clearance amongst its edge and the wall. The ribbon moves the components upward alongside the vessel wall to the leading, in which the supplies then drop by gravity into the middle. In the course of this constant procedure, content particles and warmth are exchanged speedily which leads to a homogeneous product. Aside from, the materials particles are combined with minimal mechanical and thermal pressure, which can make this kind of mixer a good remedy for fragile and warmth sensitive product.

Positive aspects:
1. Higher amount of accuracy with slight part ratio to be 1: one hundred, 000
2. Light mixing for sensitive supplies CZPT era of warmth
3. No small amount is essential
4. Entire discharge with minimum residue
5. Straightforward to thoroughly clean in possibly dry or moist way
six. Large warmth transfer fee, ideal for heating or cooling procedure of the powders
seven. Chopper can be set up for intensive mixing and lump breaking

- Ribbon
We offer many varieties of spiral ribbon for diverse sizes and programs.

- CZPT Materials and End
We are capable to supply our PVR Mixers with get in touch with portion to be built in Carbon steel, SS304, SS316/316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless metal, Hastelloy, and so on. CZPT of internal and exterior finish can be adopted to the customer's needs. For abrasive supplies we provide hardened metal as the get in touch with part.

- Feeding & Discharging
A variety of feeding & discharging approaches can be chosen by the customers.

- Drive system
Generate system by geared motor, cycloidal reducer, worm reducer, belt or chain transmission, etc.

- Heating/Cooling jacket
Jacketed trough for heating/cooling operation

- Vacuum drying & deaerating
The PVR mixer can be designed for vacuum drying & deaerating or for inner pressure operating for unique apps.

- Spray nozzle
Liquid can be additional into the powder by spray nozzles on the top.

- Extended height bases
Top of our PVR Mixer can be defined according to customer's specifications.

- Measurements
From a hundred to 10000 lit. Whole volume with larger dimension as for each request

Technical specs:

Model Overall capability
Working capacity
Energy (*)
H, overall top (**)
Inlet (***)
Outlet (****)
PVR-100 one hundred 70 1.five-2.two 708 1420 140 one hundred fifty one hundred eighty
PVR-300 300 210 2.two-5.5 990 1998 180 230 460
PVR-500 500 350 4-7.five 1156 2268 200 230 510
PVR-a thousand one thousand seven-hundred five.five-11 1600 2742 300 300 1571
PVR-1500 1500 1050 seven.five-fifteen 1780 2580 300 300 1100
PVR-2000 2000 1400 11-eighteen.5 1948 2825 350 three hundred 1270
PVR-2500 2500 1750 15-22 2062 3571 350 400 1530
PVR-3000 3000 2100 18.five-22 2175 3200 350 400 1780

one. (*) (**) (***) (****): Changes are CZPT according to the customer's ask for.
2. All technical specs and illustrations are as precise as is fairly feasible, but they are not binding.
three. PerMix reserves the appropriate to modify the design CZPT discover.

Factory Plastic Vertical Ribbon Mixer for Sale