Crawler Tws100 110HP 3000kg Skid Steer Loader with Attachments

Crawler TWS100 110hp 3000kg Skid Steer Loader With Attachments

Introduction of General Positive aspects

With sturdy power and rich attachments, the skid-steer loader can better adapt to the operations in slender place and is an best resource for highway development, municipal maintenance, port managing, garden maintenance, and pasture generation, featuring minimal operation expense and exceptional financial rewards.


Powerful and Effective Electricity Transmission Technique

The renowned model motor equipped features robust electrical power, ultra-reduced emission, and increased fuel performance.

The static hydraulic push engineering adopted attributes stable drive and higher performance and dependability.

The completely-sealed sprocket situation and substantial energy chains feature computerized lubrication and maintenance-totally free.


Strong and CZPT Layout

The integral frame adopted functions compact composition and high firmness and trustworthiness. All vital structural components are optimized by means of finite aspect evaluation to realizereasonable anxiety distribution.

The global initial-class top quality hydraulic models adopted characteristic higher dependability, power-preserving, and high efficiency.


Versatile Operations

Compact structure, lower turning radius, and robust web site adaptability.

The rapid-alter coupling outfitted can alter attachments speedily in the construction website.

The bucket can automatically preserve amount position throughout lifting to stop scattering of materials and improve working effectiveness.


Incomparable Multi-Functionalities

The global interchangeable swift-modify coupling allows the modify of tens of attachments, including sweeper, planer, breaking hammer, and ditcher, quickly and conveniently.


Protected and Cozy Functioning Atmosphere

The ROPS&FOPS taxi and the seat belt, bumper, fireplace extinguisher, and safety hammer equipped promise the personal basic safety of the operator. The taxi attributes large space, adjustable seats, and com fortable operations.

The joysticks and the instrument panel are organized in accordance with ergonomic concepts so that the driver can constantly sustain the best comfort to make operations less complicated.

The common double-accelerator manage product can use the pedal accelerator or perform at preset continual electricity to help save the operation labor.


Practical Maintenances

The cab can be tilted backward for a large angle to make the restore and maintenance portions more available.

The rear hood and upper hood can be opened conveniently and all models and pipelines are very easily available to save the fix and routine maintenance labor and time.

I. Parameters

Items   Product  
  XC740K XC760K  
Rated energy/velocity 36.eight/2500 61.3/2500 kW/rpm
Bucket potential .forty five .6 m3
Rated load 750 1080 kg
Running fat 3140 3450 kg
Dumping clearance 2375 2450 mm
Dumping attain 575 570 mm pace 14.3 12.five km/h
Entrance turning radius CZPT bucket 1183 1320 mm
Entrance turning radius with bucket 2066 2230 mm
Ground clearance 185 205 mm
Diesel fuel tank potential eighty 95 L
Tire product ten-sixteen.five 12-sixteen.5  
All round dimensions(LxWxH) 3310×1800×1950 3610*2000*1960 mm
Structure and specification are topic to alter CZPT observe.In case there is any distinction amongst
 the description of the machine and the considerable equipment,the significant machine ought to govern.

II. Optional components

These accessories have the very best overall performance and sturdiness, which can improve the efficiency of a variety of purposes, therefore maximizing the flexibility and versatility of skid steer loaders.

CZPTers can choose a variety of skid steer loaders accessories according to requirements. These add-ons have the greatest efficiency and durability, which can increase the efficiency of a variety of purposes, thereby maximizing the flexibility and flexibility of skid steer loaders.

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Crawler Tws100 110HP 3000kg Skid Steer Loader with Attachments