China Automatic Pullet Chicken Layer Cage for Chicks with Fan

China Computerized Pullet Hen Layer Cage for Chicks with Supporter


It is designed for pullets which hen age(rearing period of time) is from working day to working day a hundred and twenty old.This program also can be equipped with automatic feeding,ingesting,manure removal and local climate management method.It is more well-known utilizing in tropic region simply because it is just working properly in open up residence CZPT weather handle method.If it used in near of temperate area,the ventilation and heating system are essential to the pullets.



/Unit (Mm)

Per Set



Birds Per
1950*500*370 3/6 3 9/3/162
1950*five hundred*370 three/8 four nine/three/216

CAGE System
1. Every unit dimension of the pullet cage is 1950*five hundred*(350--four hundred)mm,3 cells for every device,with 9-ten birds for every cell,every cell dimension is 650*five hundred*(350-four hundred)mm,so every single birds can get 390--433 at minimum inside of seventeen months
2.Elevating density per unit area can enhance 50% - 100% compared with flooring program and the prospects of an infection conditions caused by manure reduce,for that reason,loss of life price is minimized because invariable birds in every single mobile of cages,and then it is also handy for observing growth situation of birds,grouping and choice.


AUCZPTTIC Drinking Program

one.It is made up by the square pipes(thickness 2.5mm) or spherical pipes(thickness 2.0mm) with 360 degree flowing nipple drinkers,water drip cups and drinking water strain regulators,terminals,splits,h2o filters can make certain the drinking water is clean
2.The ingesting program can be automatic nipple ingesting line and manual feeders and drinkers for 1st two weeks whilst the pullets are too small to get water nipple drinkers
3.The pipes can be altered in greater level as pullets developing even bigger working day by working day due to the fact the grid meshes has vacant layout in the center location to alter the pipes likely up to higher level.


one.Equally of the touring hopper(feeding carts) sort and chain feeding program are CZPT.
2.The augers and chain supplies produced in South Africa,also the ideal good quality CZPT.
3.The feeding cart linked with the silo by the transverse feeding auger is more well-liked below.In this program, feed is dispersed instantly to the feed carts from the feed silos by the spiral augers located in a pipe with 90-150 mm diameter.


AUCZPTTIC Chicken MANURE Removal System

1.The one--three tier of cages can be equipped with manure curtain on the back again of the cage meshes in situation of the dropping manure from higher tiers.
two.Manure belt program or manure scraper in the manure pits to collect the rooster manure outdoors of housethe A frame pullet cage program also can be geared up with the manure belts technique under the cages which can work jointly with the manure conveyors.

one. Galvanized lower carbon steel cold drawn steel wire has higher tensile toughness and extension price.
two. Elevating density per device region can enhance 50%-one hundred% in comparison with flooring system
three.The opportunities of infection illnesses triggered by manure reduce,thus demise rate is minimized
four.Sum of exercise is tiny ,therefore more feed is saved by the unique design of the feed trough which hasfeed trough modify board
five.Hassle-free for observing growth situation of birds,grouping and assortment
six.Uniformity and wellness condition are equally exceptional as there is enough location for birds feeding and drinking
7.Padding price for flooring program is deducted
eight.Substantially reduces birds disability
nine.Considerably less work labor and simple management because all method can be equipped by automatic tools for feeding,consuming,manure collection and chicken property surroundings.

one. Q: What kind of items do you have?
    A: We give all kinds of gear for hen farms, these kinds of as Chicken Cages, Automatic Consuming and Feeding System, Computerized Egg-collection System, Computerized Egg-collection Method, Temperature Managing Program, and many others.

2. Q: How a lot of times will you produce the products if I place the get?
A: Relies upon on the quantity you ask for, in 7 working days or 30 working days.

three. Q: How to put in the cages when I get them?
A: If you want put in the cage yourself, we will offer the Set up Guide.
     If you need to have the professional engineer, we will send out our engineer who can converse English Fluently.

4. Q: Could you make sure you notify me the in depth data of cages? and how to get the cages?
A: Contact kathy, you will get the thorough solutions from her.

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China Automatic Pullet Chicken Layer Cage for Chicks with Fan