Cast Zinc Shot for Deburring Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Cast Zinc Shot is suitable for the die casting created from zinc, aluminum, manganese or other delicate alloys for cleansing, descaling, deburring, finishing.It can get rid of coatings from soft alloy solid areas CZPT injury, and leaves a skinny movie of zinc on the function pieces which give corrosion resistance.
Zinc has greater density than aluminum, and hardness is softer than metal. 


Item name Solid Zinc Shot
Dimensions/Dia. .3mm-2.5mm
Chemical Composition Zn 99.99%, Fe .004%, Al .003%, Cu .001%, Co .002%.
Microhardness AZ forty-fifty / AZs 50-60 / AD 85-a hundred
Toughness long life time, longer durability
Density seven.1g/cm3

Merchandise Procedure

Product Application
Blast cleaning : Use for blast cleaning of steel board . H variety metal ,steel pipe and all sorts of steel material ,casting , die-casting ,gorging ,glass floor for industries of steel construction, development ,bridge ,shipbuilding ,pipes ,container , locomotive ,engineering equipment , vehicle, casting ,forging ,glass ,comodity .
Shot peening : Used for shot peening of spring ,shaft ,gear ,connecting bar, blade ,chain, crank ,wheel spares for industries of automobile , locomotive ,ship ,plain ,device.

PACKAGING & Shipping

  1. 25kg in modest bag, forty tiny bags in a single box on one pallet
  2. 25kg in little bag, forty tiny baggage in a single jumbo  bag.
  3. 700kg~1000kg in big bag in a single drum .

The packaging is according to the customer's prerequisite .

Event & Demonstrate
DX BLAST , attend the skilled function & display of surface area treatment method as : Gifa Düsseldorf  in Germany , Tube Arabia , Steel FAB in  UAE , Saudi Construct , Metallic Expo in Moscow, Metal& metal in  Saudi , Metalex , MTA HANOI in Vietnam , Fundiexpo in Mexico , Inometal in indonesia  , PDMEX in Philippine .....

DX BLAST SHOT BLASTING Equipment Sequence :


Cast Zinc Shot for Deburring Aluminum Die Casting Parts